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President Cyril Ramaphosa said they intend to enable businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar to generate electricity. The President said South Africa has a great abundance of sun that should be used to generate electricity.

“There is significant potential for households and businesses to install rooftop solar and connect this power to the grid. “To incentivise greater uptake of rooftop solar, Eskom will develop rules and a pricing structure – known as a feed-in tariff – for all commercial and residential installations on its network.” – President Cyril Ramaphosa


This means that those who can and have installed solar panels in their homes or businesses will be able to sell surplus power they don’t need to Eskom.

This comes only days after South Africans were fuming about reports of Eskom’s proposal to hike its fixed connection service fees as high as R938 for some customers. Data provided to MyBroadband by Eskom in July laid out the power utility’s intent to change its tariff structures in such a way that households who use less power pay higher fees.


Under Eskom’s current fee structure, variable and fixed costs accumulated in producing electricity are paid for through a single electricity tariff — calculated per kWh of consumption.

Eskom reportedly told MyBroadband that tariffs need to be modernised to reflect the changing electricity environment to ensure fair recovery by all of the services to be provided by all grid users and the system.

The report furthermore states that while solar power users are not specifically mentioned or targeted by Eskom in its data, any households that make a concerted effort to lower their dependency on Eskom’s grid and end up using less grid power, as a result, would invariably draw the higher charges laid out in the proposal.

Are solar panels worth it in 2022?

In this article, we’ll help you answer the question: “Is it worth it to buy solar panels?” For most people, solar panels are worth the investment, but they may not be right for you in some rare circumstances. However, even renters may have solar options if their property owners or managers are open to it.

  • The amount you’ll save by going solar will vary based on factors including how much you pay for electricityhow much your installation costs, how much energy you use, what rebates and
  • Virtually everyone has solar energy options, regardless of if you’re a homeowner, renter, or leasing their business property.
  • The amount you’ll save by going solar will vary based on numerous factors.
  • Most property owners will see a return on investment in less than 10 years.
  • You can maximize your solar savings by shopping around and learning more about your options.

Financial Benefits far outweigh the opportunity cost of buying a solar system now

When solar panels are worth it, and when they aren’t

Solar panels are usually most worth it if:

  • You own your property. Renters or business owners who do not own their property should speak to the property owner prior to making any plans to install a solar system.
  • You pay a high price for electricity. The higher your electric rate, the faster your solar panel system will save you money. These days, solar shoppers “break even” on their solar investment in seven to eight years.
  • You get a good price for solar. In 2022, an average 10 kilowatt (kW) solar panel system costs about R150,000.  Prices on Soleil Africa are usually lower than market prices, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

If you fit these criteria, solar panels are probably worth it! What’s more, even homes and businesses that don’t meet these points perfectly can benefit from solar with the right installation

Solar Panel Installation Process

Transitioning to power from solar panels is an exciting step for homeowners. There are several steps in the process which ensure the homeowner gets a safe and reliable installation.

The process outlined below begins from the point of having an installer chosen. We suggest looking around and gathering more than one quote to be sure you are getting a fair offer. Our solar online shop allows you to do this easily by providing you with a system quote complete with installation costs. Once you have chosen your system the excitement really begins!

The Site Evaluation

During the site evaluation the installer comes to your home to verify the planned system design. (For our process, if the scope of work has changed, the initial contract is void and amendments are made). The installer will check the roof and attic, the electrical setup, and battery placement (if applicable).

System Design Approval

At this point, results of the site evaluation have come back and any changes needed are now to be approved. If there were changes from the original design, the homeowner may now review those changes and give feedback, or approve the final design before it’s sent for permit approval. Not only the aesthetics of the design are checked, but also the electrical work and system production

If you are interested in looking at your options for installing solar you can sign up and schedule a solar consultation to begin the design process. Soleil.Africa has plenty of options for you. With the help of a dedicated Energy Advisor, you’ll be given guidance through the process. Call us Now +27(0)60-404-4862


Installation just takes a few days, usually one to two. You don’t necessarily even need to be home during installation. This is when you let the professionals do their job and you can sit back and relax. Note that your power will likely need to be turned off for a few hours.

Utility Connection

The final step in turning your solar system on  The fee for this inspection and application for some utilities is zero and others can be a couple hundred, this cost is built into the contract price for our turnkey installations. After getting your (COC) Certificate of Compliance, the homeowner may turn on their system and begin producing their own energy!

This several step process has been created to regulate the solar industry and keep individuals as well as utility companies safe. Installing solar is an exciting process that not only improves your own home and provides grid-independence but also contributes to creating a more sustainable environment.

If you are interested in looking at your options for installing solar you can sign up and schedule a solar consultation to begin the design process. With the help of a dedicated Energy Advisor, you’ll be given guidance through the process.

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