Higher output power. Less shading and lower resistive loss. Lower LCOE. Better mechanical loading tolerance.

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Electrical Parameters at STC:

Type: JAM60S20-455/MR
Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) [W]: 455.
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) [V]: 49.85.
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) [V]: 41.82
Short Circuit Current (Isc) [A]: 11.41.
Maximum Power Current (Imp) [A] 10.88.
Module Efficiency [%]: 20.4
Power Tolerance: 0~+5W.
Temperature Coefficient of Isc(α_Isc): +0.044%/℃.
Temperature Coefficient of Voc(β_Voc): -0.272%/℃
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax(γ_Pmp): -0.350%/℃
STC: Irradiance 1000W/m², cell temperature 25℃, AM1.5G.

Weight 28.1 kg
Dimensions 228 × 305 × 114 cm


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